Who Was the Promise For is the fourth episode of the Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemy Knights series. It aired on October 28, 2018.


La Tremoille reveals to Montmorency his plan to reach an agreement with the English, surrendering the already occupied France to the Burgundy to turn it into an England's satellite nation and create an independent Southern France's kingdom, using Philippe as a mediator. However, before Montmorency and Richemont can be killed, La Hire and her mercenaries attack the castle and save them. Montmorency and the others then try to save Jeanne and Charlotte from Girald, which threatens Jeanne's life to force Montmorency to surrender his half of the stone; however, Montmorency succeeds in tricking him, and Girald dies after having swallowed the stone without the elixir's protection. Once the battle is over, Montmorency tries to pursue Philippe to swear her loyalty to the Valois, reuniting France against the English; Philippe however refuses, claiming that Ghirald was following her orders to claim the stone in order to fulfill her deceased father's last wish to make her family the next rulers of France, and leaves the castle after having stolen some elixir by kissing Montmorency. Despite this, Charlotte decides to finally take the fate of the nation in her hands, and in front of the entire court she makes Jeanne a knight and the commander of the French Army, with Montmorency as her second-in-command. However, La Tremoille manages to escape, searching the Inquisition's help to discredit Jeanne's holyness and get his vengeance.


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