To the Scheming Palace is the third episode of the Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemy Knights series. It aired on October 21, 2018.


Montmorency starts traveling around France, alongside Astaroth in search of a way to complete the ritual and become a Ulysses. One day, his never ending voyage leads him to the small village of Domremy where he meets Jeanne, a twelve-year-old little girl with a kind and pure heart. Meanwhile, the English army has conquered most of Northern France, and Lorraine is about to fall; because of this, Princess Charlotte sends the mercenary commander La Hire and her soldiers to protect the people. Meanwhile in Domremy, Montmorency discovers from Astaroth that the ritual has made his body capable of producing an endless amount of elixir, however due to this he's no more able to swallow the stone, since the elixir in his body could easily send it to berserk and kill him. Unfortunately, the English forces arrive sooner than expected, and there are too many for La Hire's army to defeat them. During the battle, Jeanne is deadly wounded after seeing her friendly fairies brutally killed by the English, and to save her life Montmorency decides to perform a ritual on her, inserting half of the stone in Jeanne's body. The ritual saves Jeanne and makes her a Ulysses, but also turns her into a brutal and ruthless fighter. Jeanne then defeats the English foreces and almost kills La Hire for her being jealous of the size of her breasts. Fortunately, the power of the stone stops at the right moment, proving that Jeanne can only become a Ulysses just for three minutes. At that point, knowing that she can no more remain in Domremy, Jeanne chooses to depart with La Hire and Montmorency. La Hire fears that as the voices of Jeanne's power will start spreading she'll be marked as an heretic and hunted by the Inquisition, but Montmorency objects that on contrary she'll become the holy saint that will repel the English and save France.


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