Oath is the first episode of the Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemy Knights series. It aired on October 7, 2018.


In the year 1415, France stands embroiled in a decades-long conflict with the neighboring England. But at one academy in the heart of France, the political violence defining the times seems far away. To the young students Montmorency, Arthur de Richemont, Charlotte de Valois, and Philip, these are precious days, days of friendship where their political legacies are far less important than the fondness they share. But these children are the sons and daughters of noblemen, and as the war approaches its end, their friendships will be tested against the roles they must play, and the obligations of their noble houses. And all the while, the specter of alchemy and the philosopher's stone hangs overhead, guiding Montmorency towards a dark and foreboding future


In Order of Appearance