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Arthur de Richemont (アルテュール・ド・リッシュモン Arutyūru do Risshumon?) is one of the main characters of the Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi light novel and the main protagonists of the anime series. She is the Princess Knight of the Principality of Brittany located in the northwestern part of France. She is also one of Montmorency's childhood friends, and the young boy's secret love since when they studied at the Knights Academy.


Arthur has long blonde hair and blue eyes.She dresses like a noble.


Although she is an excellent soldier, her sense of justice is too strong, She is serious and inflexible, and easy to make enemies.


She was taken as a prisoner of war in the fight of Agincourt, she is sworn to loyalty to the King of England. After the sudden death of Henry V, she escaped and returned to France, but she was be exiled by La Trémoille. In order to preserve the independence of the Duke of Brittany, she stayed in Brittany.
After learning at the Royal Knight Training School with Montmorency, She participated in the fight of Agincourt.


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Montmorency is Richemont's childhood friend and secret love since they studied at the Knights Academy.


Philip is the heir of the Burgundy household, she's one of Richemont's childhood friends along with Montmorency and also a rival for Montmorency affection.



  • Her character is based on leading military commander during the Hundred Years' War, also of the same name, Template:W



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